NYU MAGNET, 8th Floor of 2 Metrotech Center. 


Find your demo table number below:

1    #reactionarygroup
2    Fake news & radio - "War of the Worlds" panic on turbo
3    Real World News
4    Fear Uncertainty and Doubt
5    Captive Audience
6    We The People
7    Four Corners
8    projectWATT
9    Wikibabel
10    Vidrovr
11    A Real-Time Labor Calculating Machine For Babies
12    Fallacy Bingo
13    Fake Your News
14    NewsCheck University Pilot Program
15    MediaZoic
17    Uso 15
18    The false prophet
19    State of the Medium
20    Underneath Reality

21    AreYouFakeNews
23    Unreadable News
25    Talking points
26    Fake Me Out
27 Junk News Dataset and Analysis
28    VettNews
29    Contrapasso VR
30    How to Design for Addiction
31    Discovering Fake News
36    Faceblurk
37    Metron Busker
38    Nara - Deepfakes for audio
39    Suspiria
40    Trump Junk

Schedule for Demo Participants:

Thursday, June 7th:

1:00PM: Arrival for set up

3:30PM: All demos must be set up!

4:00PM-5:00PM: Demos on view; please be at your stations. 

7:00PM: 1-min pitch! Justin Hendrix, NYC Media Lab's Executive Director, will call your demo to the Stage Area to give a 1-min pitch about your project. Please be in the stage area at this time to participate. 

8:00PM-9PM: Demos on view; please be at your stations. 


Friday, June 8th:

8:30AM-4PM: Demos on view! People will come in and out all day. The high volume times for demos will be at 9AM; 12:30pm; and 3:00pm. 

Directions to NYU MAGNET

Here are directions via subway to our location at 2 MetroTech, Brooklyn NY 11201. You will install on the 8th Floor. 

A C F R train to Jay St MetroTech

2 3 4 5 train to Borough Hall (walk one block East to Willoughby Street and make a left onto Jay Street)

Q B train to Dekalb Avenue (walk two blocks North toward Manhattan Bridge and make a left onto Myrtle Avenue into MetroTech)

You're looking for the NYU Tandon School of Engineering entrance directly next to the Hale & Hearty Soups on Lawrence Street.